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Our meat

In our kitchen, we use meat from Polish beef culinary farms. We use only heifer meat to maintain the highest quality and best taste. The products are provided by trusted suppliers with many years of experience in the industry.

Thanks to the original Italian dry ageing chamber our beef becomes crispy, is juicy and soft. The choice of this model was not accidental, it is no secret that the Italians have the most experience in seasoning meats, so we chose the best equipment because we are not interested in shortcuts and half measures. We have been developing our unique seasoning recipe for months, looking for the most optimal temperature and humidity. Thanks to this we have managed to work out a unique microclimate, perfect for ripening beef. The steaks served in GARMASZ delight with delicacy and intensity of taste.

We strive to meet the expectations of the most demanding lovers of a good steak. In our menu you will find, among others entrecote, roast beef, beef sirloin and t-bone.

We also prepare tatars, sausages, pâtés, ceviche and many other proposals on the spot. We put all our heart, knowledge, experience and passion in everything what we prepare. We will be pleased if you visit GARMASZ and look at our open kitchen, how your meal is made from the very beginning, until the moment of service.

We invite all seekers of the authentic taste of the best meat.