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    GARMASZ Butcher & Restaurant - this is an original concept by the finalist of the Masterchef and culinary traveler Piotr Pielichowski, concept with a special Butcher section and a high-class restaurant.


    It is a specially separated part of the restaurant equipped with a professional meat seasoning chamber and stands on which we prepare delicatessen products and tartars.

    We season beef according to our original recipe, over which we have worked for months looking for the right temperature and humidity.

    In the Butcher section, almost all our delicatessen products are created, among which you will find delicate terrines, pates and meats, which we prepare according to traditional, as well as own, original recipes.

    Our products, as well as the best cheeses, meats and processed products from around the world, can be purchased in our store.


    GARMASZ's kitchen is the result of many inspirations and two different culinary personalities. Piotr Pielichowski, the owner of the restaurant, who is passionate about good cuisine and young Head Chef - Dariusz Kucharski, who gained his experience in the famous, stars restaurants of London. The dishes served in GARMASZ Butcher & Restaurant is an original mix of flavored compositions based on the highest quality products.

    GARMASZ is a true shrine of the highest quality, here every foodie will find what he loves the most!

    The GARMASZ interior is equally unique and full of magic.

    The project was created by the excellent Tri-city architect Krystian Rassmus. The unique climate is made of oak planks smoked in Austria, burnt tiles in stoves from the 18th century, crystal chandelier or alabaster on the walls. From this place, you just do not want to leave.

    We make sure that the atmosphere with us is cozy and encourages everyone to spend an unforgettable time with us full of the best flavors.

    Our idea is: '' Stay as at home and feed as we would like to be fed! ''

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